Greetings from the Burgeoning Metropolis of Metropolis, Illinois

I feel like I wait my whole life to make bad jokes like that.

The weekend in Boone was pretty good. I got to spend time at some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people. I had a Philly at Cafe Portofino and a mediocre sandwich at the worst bar in the world, Macados. There were places I didn’t get to go and people I wasn’t able to see, but that’s life and overall I got what I think I needed during my visit.

It’s creeping up on 7 AM here in Superman’s hometown (no, seriously, they claim that title, but more on that later). I left Boone yesterday morning and not long after that the Eastern Time Zone as well. The drive was pretty uneventful. People in Tennessee drive fast, but generally aren’t dicks about it. The roads in Kentucky are not that great, but I did get to cross the Ohio River. It was pretty big.

I also ran parallel to a large thunderhead moving across the relatively flat landscape of western Kentucky and was quite struck by how awesome it looked. Big, billowy clouds of white ending in varying layers of dark grey to almost black sheets of rain. I don’t know why it left suck an impression on me, but it did. I almost stopped to take a picture, but then realized the camera on my phone wouldn’t have done it justice.

Today I head to everyone’s favorite island, Manhattan, KS!

Wait, there aren’t any islands in Kansas….

Oh, Manhattan, KS in a university town.

And it’s probably nothing like it’s big cousin in the northeast. Not that I have much experience with NYC.

I guess it’ll have to do, though.

Before I head further west, I’ll head to downtown Metropolis, IL and see this “Super” Museum. Like I mentioned earlier, the city of Metropolis claims to be Superman’s hometown. Even though he was born on another planet. And landed in Kansas. And I think the comic book city of Metropolis was supposed to be based on Cleveland or Chicago or something.  But, hey, there’s a museum that opens at 8 AM and there’s a big statue and it’s only like 15 minutes from my hotel, so I’ll stop by. I’ll take some pictures that you can check out on my Instagram @murrayme89

Speaking of university towns, quirky, small cities, and Instagram, here’s a picture of one of my favorite places in the world, Boone, NC:

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