It’s Not Raleigh, It’s Me or Why I’m Making This Trip and What This Blog Will Be

I’ve left Raleigh. It’s done. I’m now sitting in a house on a mountain above Boone that’s apparently owned by some dude who owns a recording studio where the likes of Shakira and Juvenile have record gold records.

Why did I leave? I’m not sure I can give you a comprehensive and coherent answer to that. I just felt that it was something I needed to do. The simplest and shortest answer is probably that I felt I needed a change and that I have a place to crash outside of Seattle. So I figured, why not? I packed up what I could in the ol’ Kia Soul and started in that direction. This weekend I’ll spend time in Boone for the App vs Wake Forest game with some good friends then get back on the road.

What can you expect from this blog? Well, over the next week or so, you can expect almost daily update on my drive. My musing from the road and thoughts on the cities I’ve visited. After that the goal is to write an update once or twice a week about adapting to life in the Pacific Northwest.

So, there it is. Half an answer and a brief outline of what to expect here. What? Were you expecting more?